Full Throttle and Heartland are market leading brands in the USA's automotive aftermarket and the most prominent divisions within the QMI (Quantum Marketing Inc.) group.

QMI, founded in 1986, manufactures automotive preventive maintenance products and equipment at our ISO 9001 certified headquarters in Lakeland, Florida. USA

In 2006, ITW, a multi-national company headquartered in Chicago, recognized our market leadership and acquired QMI. Combining years of product and equipment development with ITW's resources, QMI supports automotive maintenance markets with unequaled growth technologies to supply customers' evolving needs.

Full Throttle and Heartland serves these markets every day with a global network of professional end users and authorized distributors.

QMI is dedicated to maintaining the operational systems of today's and tomorrow's vehicles. We develop and manufacture our own products, specialized tools and equipment for application by specially trained automotive industry professionals.

We seek prolonged trouble-free automotive performance for every QMI customer. We have dedicated every resource — the skills of our people, our capacity for breakthrough research and our ongoing testing and refinement of current products — to better understand how the ravages of time and use deplete the vital fluid systems of a vehicle.

Altogether, it means products that bring extended life and efficiency to engines, transmissions, brakes, steering, cooling and climate control systems. As the technical sophistication of these systems evolves, Full Throttle and Heartland keep pace, adding still more efficiency, economy, and long-term reliability to today's computerized vehicles.