QMI is determined to help automotive professionals give their customers the most reliable, effective and valuable maintenance services possible.

We created a training school to prove the point. "QMI School of Technology" (QST), whose mission is to deliver consistent, accurate information about QMI products. QST trains the trainers.

QST is driven to be on the cutting edge of the constantly changing market in the world of automotive maintenance, mixing information from the field with QMI's own research and product-development data.

QST's classes are designed to teach sales people and the automotive aftermarket professionals a consistent, proven message about the importance, the methods, and the rewards of regular automotive maintenance.

Each QST class addresses real-world problems with proven products and services.

QST classes predominantly take place at the Lakeland, Florida headquarters, where both classroom and shop time pay big dividends in first-hand experience with the technology and the thinking behind the products.

Training classes can also take place in locations best suited to the customer's condition and venue both in the USA, and internationally.

We compare QMI solutions to would-be competitors' products, and we show by hands-on demonstrations the superiority of QMI's responses to the most frequent and most troubling automotive-maintenance problems.