Check out our Fuel fluid products that aggressively clean hard gum, sludge, carbon and varnish deposit build-up from the entire fuel system; while improving engine performance, restoring lost power and increasing fuel economy.

Complete Fuel System Cleaner


Baked-on sludge, gum, varnish and carbon deposits form on key fuel system components making engines work harder, resulting in eroding engine performance and a reduction in fuel economy.

Full Throttle® Complete Fuel System Cleaner aggressively treats key components – Combustion Chambers, Intake Valves, Ports and GDI Fuel Injectors with a proven, advanced formula containing Polyether-amine (PEA) for deep cleaning.

The new and advanced formula restores power, performance and fuel economy.

  • Effective on All Fuel Delivery Systems
  • Restores Gas Mileage and Power
  • Restores Power, Performance and Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Exhaust Emissions
  • Increases Air Flow
  • Safe for All Fuel and Induction Components
  • Cleans Fuel System Components from Gas Tank to Exhaust






Package Specification:
  • Item #: Net Wt: Packed In: Case Qty:
  • FT2001 11 OZ (325 mL) Bottle 24
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):