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T3 Automatic Transmission Treatment

PART NO. FT10602

Full Throttle® T-3 Total Automatic Transmission Treatment™ is the trifecta in advanced additive technology–it Protects, Enhances and Seals metal parts and components within the automatic transmission.

  • Enhances ATF Fluid Performance
  • Protects, Conditions and Restores Seals and O-Rings
  • Eliminates Torque Converter Shudder
  • Reduces Friction and Wear On Metal Parts
  • Maintains Sulfur Balance in ATF Fluid
  • Ensures Smooth and Proper Shifting
  • Extends Fluid Change Intervals

This product is NIST compliant.

Package Specification:
  • Item #: Net Wt: Packed In: Case Qty:
  • FT10602 11 OZ (325 ML) Bottle 12